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ACN Marketing - Better Warm Than Cold

ACN Marketing - Better Warm Than Cold

ACN is committed to doing everything possible to comply with consumer protection law requirements.  The rules of ACN, as defined in the Policies and Procedures and the Independent Business Owner Agreement, are set out to protect the integrity of the business opportunity. Compliance with the law and ACN marketing rules is a must for each ACN Independent Business Owner.  ACN is committed to proper procedures and knows that the best chance for success is embraced by proper business rules being followed by its Independent Business Owners. ACN is a “network marketing” company.  That means that the focus of the business opportunity is based on personal relationships, commonly called “warm marketing” techniques.

ACN prohibits Independent Business Owners from engaging in “cold marketing” techniques for the purpose of customer acquisition.  Any promotional activity that is geared toward random individuals who have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationships with the Independent Business Owner is called “cold marketing.” Examples of “cold marketing” are: •    mass advertising •    purchased leads •    trade show participation •    door-to-door selling •    telemarketing There are many legal issues involved in cold marketing.  ACN desires to protect all Independent Business Owners from knowingly or unknowingly violating the law.  Let’s work together and make the rules apply to all. Take a moment to review ACN’s newly updated Policies & Procedures, located online in the Business Documents section of the Rep Business Center.

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